Cherries Group Ltd.
Cocktail cherries, maraschino cherries,glacé cherries manufacturer

We have more than 27 years of experience in working with wholesale cutomers and manufacturers. We do understand the value of the trust and partnership, leading to win-win relationship. Among our clients are food chains, ice-cream factories, bakeries and confectioneries, wholesale distributors, restaurants, bars and others.

We are able to make our products targeted to our client's individual requirements. And to prepare individual orders, based on your company requirements for:

- Color of the cherries;

- Sizes of the cherries;

- Aroma;

- Bx;

- Packages;

- Clients lables and branding.

We are export-oriented company, with many clients in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Germany, France, Malta, Croatia, Belarus and countries in Asia and Africa as well.